Ashrei Melody in English

For anyone who is interested, our congregation put together a version of the Ashrei in English sung to a Chassidic melody. In my opinion, it’s really nice. We chant it in our congregation and in our home during the appointed times of prayer.

Special thanks are due to both Sarah Croswell for putting together the initial draft of the English to the melody, and to my loving wife, Sabrina, for all of her hard work in helping me get the melody and creating the lyric sheet.

I’ve attached both the lyric sheet (which includes notes about how to remember the melody, including marking the downbeat) and an mp3 of yours truly demonstrating the melody. I hope you enjoy. (ps. I’ve got a few more things like this that will probably show up soon.)

Right-click (pc) or Control-click (mac!) to download: (links have been fixed!)

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2 thoughts on “Ashrei Melody in English”

  1. Thanks Darren! Very cool. We will learn this and use it. I have sang this melody before at the Chabad service I attended this past Rosh HaShannah but it was in Hebrew. Knowing a way to sing it in English will be very helpful.

    More songs? More of the siddur? Keep this stuff coming. Music and singing is very important and helpful to communities.


  2. I apologize, but these links have been broken for a good while. I just verified that both the PDF and the Audio are fixed now. Hope you enjoy…

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