In Heaven As It Is On Earth?

Recently, fellow Messianic (& prolific) blogger Derek Leman posted an article highlighting what is typically known as “The Lord’s Prayer.” He details a few issues surrounding this prayer (the differences between Matthew’s record and Luke’s, the connection of disciples with the prayers of their rabbi, use of liturgy, etc.), and also introduces us to Vine of David’s upcoming DHE (Delitzsch Hebrew-English) Gospel translation, which I was fortunate enough to be on the review team (I intend on posting more about this resource soon).

At the beginning of his post, however, he links to Roman & Alaina, a messianic music group who have created melodies for the Avinu (the “Our Father”) in both Hebrew (based on the DHE) and English. As I listened to the sample of the English version I heard the following:

Our Father, Who is in Heaven
May we sanctify Your Name
Your Kingdom come
As Your will be done
In Heaven as it is on earth

Unfortunately, we see a problem immediately. The last line takes poetic license, and reverses the phrase from “On earth as it is in Heaven,” to become, “In Heaven as it is on earth.” I am definitely one for poetic license, but not when it reverses the sense of the text. So, now, rather than the will of the Almighty coming in perfection from His throne in Shammayim (“Heaven”) and bringing Ha’aretz (“the Earth”) into its submission, this top-down approach put forth by Yeshua has been turned on its head. In this version we see the will of Heaven submitting to that of Earth.

I see where they may have tried to work around this by changing a few of the conjunctions, but overall it has the same end result: the will of (perfect) Heaven being transformed into the image of what is done on (imperfect) Earth.

This goes against the entire mission and teaching of our Master. I would encourage Roman & Alaina to consider re-working the English version, even though they have probably sold many copies of their CD already, in order to maintain the integrity of the teachings of our Master

Seder Semanim by Boaz & Einya

Boaz & Einya singing

Long after Passover my youngest two children will still be singing the Seder Semanim, the song that lists the 15 different steps of the Passover seder (Kaddesh, Urchatz, etc.). For some reason they just love to sing that song! So… To capture their zeal and sweet voices, I recorded them singing their current favorite tune. Here is Boaz (age 5) and Einya (age 3) singing for you. I hope you enjoy it half as much as I do.

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I Believe…

This is a song we sing after havdallah in our congregation, based on the 12th of Rambam’s 13 principles of faith:

I believe with complete faith
In the coming [return] of The Messiah

And even though He may tarry
Nonetheless I will wait for Him
Every day to come

Right-click (pc) or Control-click (mac!) to download:
(Link fixed 04/07/09) 

Ani Ma’amin (MP3) – 1.1MB

Ashrei Melody in English

For anyone who is interested, our congregation put together a version of the Ashrei in English sung to a Chassidic melody. In my opinion, it’s really nice. We chant it in our congregation and in our home during the appointed times of prayer.

Special thanks are due to both Sarah Croswell for putting together the initial draft of the English to the melody, and to my loving wife, Sabrina, for all of her hard work in helping me get the melody and creating the lyric sheet.

I’ve attached both the lyric sheet (which includes notes about how to remember the melody, including marking the downbeat) and an mp3 of yours truly demonstrating the melody. I hope you enjoy. (ps. I’ve got a few more things like this that will probably show up soon.)

Right-click (pc) or Control-click (mac!) to download: (links have been fixed!)