Darosh Darash

I recently posted this on FFOZ’s Torah Club Forum, but thought I would go ahead and post it here as well. And (as I stated in the forum) most people will already know this, but it’s a good reminder…

Yesterday was the fourth reading for this week’s parasha. It included Vayikra/Leviticus 10:16. Within this verse we have the phrase [i]S’ir hachatat darosh darash Moshe[/i], which roughly equates to “Moshe inquired insistently (or diligently) about the he-goat of the sin-offering.”

What’s special about this? First, the repetition of the root דרש. This root is where we get the word “drash” or “drosh,” meaning to “seek out,” commonly used to mean a time of teaching from what one has already sought out in the Scriptures. The doubling of this root in the passage implies a seeking out that is more intense than normal. Second, the sages tell us that these two words mark the very center of the Torah.

From both of these insights we can infer that we are to diligently seek out the heart, or the “center,” of the Torah at all times and never be satisfied with a “pat answer.” We must be as the Bereans of the Apostolic Writings at all times–diligent students, seeking out the very heart of Torah.

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