Yeshua: The Suffering Servant (in the Kol HaTor)

Here is a resource I recently ran across. I have not had time to read it all, but early on it distinguishes between Mashiach ben Yoseph and Mashiach ben David. It is called the Kol HaTor (“Voice of the Turtledove” – an allusion to a passages in the Song of Songs). Please note, I do not endorse the text of this document, especially because I have not read it. I am only posting it here as a resource to show the concept of the Suffering Servant / Mashiach ben Yoseph within traditional Judaism, as some have denied this fact.

Here is a little background on the text from Wikkipedia: Kol HaTor (wikki article)

Here is the full text in English: Kol HaTor (text)

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