Bibles & Beer

I got into a discussion the other night with a friend of mine in regard to the biblical perspective of alcohol. With Purim coming up, this has been a hot topic.

In Christianity there are a wide range of beliefs in regard to alcohol. I grew up in a particular denomination that demonized it, while I know of some liturgical denominations that are prone to abuse.

As I was doing some quick scouring of the net in regard to alcohol from a biblical perspective, I came across this interesting blog post on the FFOZ site that I thought I would share in relationship to beer verses wine for Havdallah. Here’s the article:

Considering that moderation and responsibility are a given, I’m curious to know your thoughts on the topic, especially if your perspective has changed with your religious maturity. Please leave me a comment with your thoughts on this.

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3 thoughts on “Bibles & Beer”

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  2. It seems HaShem has recognized the enjoyment of such drink as indicated in Deut. 14:26.
    He also indicates in other locations in the bible that we are not to ‘live’ as drunkards…
    It is man that has made alchohol consumption evil… like playing cards.

    Now Purim and it’s traditions are another subject altogether. I’ve once been in Mea Sharim during Purim…wow…

    I do enjoy a little l’chaim, and since beer is mentioned here, one of my personal favs is Victory’s Storm King Stout.

    Be responsible and L’chaim!

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