Book Review: The Tehran Initiative

The Tehran InitiativeThe Tehran Initiative
by Joel C. Rosenberg
480 Pages
Tyndale House Publishers

The Tehran Initiative by Joel Rosenberg is an action-packed, fast-paced, political thriller written from an evangelical Christian perspective. I received a complimentary advance copy from Tyndale House Publishers.

I have to be honest. I have heard many of my friends speak of Rosenberg’s books for the last few years, and always with a passion. However, until this point, I have never read anything of his, primarily because reading fiction has not been a priority in light of all of the biblical studies with which I try to keep up. Reading The Tehran Initiative has definitely given me an appetite for more Rosenberg works.

In The Tehran Initiative, Iran has just successfully completed its first nuclear tests, there have just been presidential assassination attempts, and the Islamic Messiah (the 12th Imam, or the “Mahdi”) is garnering alliances across the Middle East and abroad in order to build the ultimate caliphate, a one-world government united under the umbrella of Islam. Under the direction of the Mahdi, Israel (the “Little Satan”) is on the brink of nuclear extinction or at the minimum a second holocaust, along with the United States (the Great Satan). CIA agent David Shirazi is pulled deep into the midst of the swirling chaos and comes face to face with his greatest fears, and begins to wrestle between his Islamic upbringing and the persistent Christian influences of those he has encountered.

Even though The Tehran Initiative is a novel, it will definitely make a person want to learn more about the current events in the Middle East and the global Islamic agenda. If you enjoy a fast-paced, plausible, reality-based fiction novel with an evangelical perspective, Rosenberg is your ticket.

If you would like to hear Rosenberg speak first-hand about The Tehran Initiative, follow this link:

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5 thoughts on “Book Review: The Tehran Initiative”

  1. When asked about the end of the world, Christ said to understand the book of Daniel. Matt 24:3,15. In Daniel 8:17, Gabriel tells Daniel that the vision of the ram and goat is “at the time of the end.” The Medes and Persians that were historically conquered by Alexander the Great (Dan 8:20,21) are today Iraq and Iran and we are like Alexander with some of Daniel fitting our time better than then (see website). The point is, militant Islam will be neutralized by a US coalition and the “one-world government [will not be] united under Islam” but under the papacy as a better understanding of Rev 13 and 17 shows. Dialogue is welcome.

    Darren Reply:

    Thanks for your unsolicited comment, but I seriously doubt it. Islam will be the force to reckon with in the end of days.

  2. Racist Christians like you make all Christians look worse. Have you ever been to Iran? Don’t praise works that sensationalize an entire people without having met them.

    Darren Reply:

    John – “Racist?” Really? I think you need to re-evaluate what you’re saying. “Race” has nothing to do with it. I hate to inform you, but Islam is a [false] religion, not a race. I have encountered and interacted with my fair share of Muslims. Many are good people. Please keep in mind that people and religion are not the same either. Even if there are good people in a false religion, it doesn’t mean the religion has merit or will bring about any lasting good fruit. Islam is bent on militant world domination. Period. There can be many nice, sincere people in that religion. But since the religion is flawed at the foundation, there is little good they can do to change it.

  3. Wow! So going to Iran changes everything! Have you been to Nigeria? Sudan? Ask the Christians there about Islam. Burned alive in their churches, machete hacked to death. Or the many Christians even in Iran that have been killed or imprisoned. Their response: We forgive. So should we. Pray for the people deceived by Islam.

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