Personal notes of life events or musings.

Prayer Requests

Just wanted to ask for your prayers. We are dealing with a few things in which we need Hashem’s strength, wisdom and guidance. Many thanks in advance. blessings, -darren

Baruch’s Bar Mitzvah

My wife just sent me another article. This time from about a boy named Baruch. It is called “Baruch’s Bar Mitzvah“. It is a story about a special-needs child who turns thirteen. It’s especially touching because my wife has a Master’s degree in deaf-education, and we have a tender spot for the deaf. Grab …

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Proud Papa

Just a small note to everyone to have you share our joy. Our oldest son (five years old) has taken the initiative to wear the tzit-tzit! We’ve been talking about it for the last year or so, and for the last couple of weeks he’s been asking about it quite regularly, and said that he …

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This weekend we have been privileged to have Boaz Michael and his family be with our community. We have really enjoyed being with them, and look forward to a great day today in the culmination of the FFOZ seminar Knocking on Heaven’s Gates tonight. Having Boaz and his family has already been a tremendous blessing. …

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