For those of you who have wondered where I’ve been the last few months, it’s been a difficult road. I’ve been busy and broken. I haven’t really known what to write, and how much to divulge. My business has kept me extremely busy, and has also provided the opportunity to be broken before Hashem. Currently, I’m in the middle of the brokenness that has come from some very poor choices on my part over the last two or three years. I’ve realized the error of my choices, as well as patterns in my life that have been needing attention for a long time. I’m currently working on true repentance in these areas. Repentance which is displayed in my change of action, rather than my words. I’ll continue posting things little by little, but this will suffice for now.

Thank you for your prayers in advance as I learn this lesson from our Heavenly Father.

Men’s Torah Group

Hashem has begun to answer some long-term prayers of mine by opening some doors recently. At the request of a couple of friends, we started a men’s Bible study group whose focus is to learn Torah, and strip ourselves from our pre-conceived concepts and indoctrinations. We started a few weeks ago with myself and two other men. This week it grew to a total of five men, and others have already expressed interest in joining us. I would appreciate your prayers in leading this group so that it won’t be a group focused on what I have to offer, but what the Ruach (Spirit) is doing as we return to the “old wine” (Luke 5:39) of the Torah. I’m currently trying to decide on whether to use a study program (Torah Club?) or not in our studies in order that everyone would know exactly what we will be studying from week to week. Your prayers are definitely needed.