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Armed & Dangerous!

If you see this vehicle passing through your city over the next few months, beware. It is carrying a crew of six, who should be approached with caution. They should be considered armed and dangerous. They are armed with the Word of Hashem, and should be considered extremely dangerous to anyone who is smugly confident …

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This weekend we have been privileged to have Boaz Michael and his family be with our community. We have really enjoyed being with them, and look forward to a great day today in the culmination of the FFOZ seminar Knocking on Heaven’s Gates tonight. Having Boaz and his family has already been a tremendous blessing. …

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It’s a very sad day in the world. Families are being removed one by one from the Gaza and West Bank areas of the Holy Land. They are being torn away from the Land which Hashem has promised them, and by their own people. Although there has been little actual violence, there has still been …

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