Judgment Has Begun

I’m not a prophet, nor do I claim to have prophetic insight. I don’t study eschatology. I don’t focus on apocalyptic literature. It’s been years since I have read the Revelation of John. However, over the last few months, especially the last few weeks, there have been more world events to trigger biblical references than all the events combined that I can remember in my lifetime. Judgement is being meted out and the earth is groaning for her Maker’s return.

In the latest of catastrophic global events is Baghdad’s massive trampling of nearly a thousand Iraqis during a pilgrimage to an Islamic shrine. As the one million Shiites were walking across a bridge, someone in the crowd started screaming that there was a suicide bomber among them. Immediately, panic gripped the masses and a stampede broke out which ultimately ending in the trampling of the slower and weaker Iraqis. Many people even dove from the bridges to their death. It is thought that this was the strategy of a Sunni terrorist, a rival Muslim sect of which Saddam Hussein belongs.

Judgment has begun to come upon those who would seek to destroy the children of Hashem.

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