Yeshua: The Tzaddik

Again, studying Artscroll’s A Daily Dose of Torah, I came across something else interesting…

Commenting on the prayer in the Amidah which states, “On the righteous, on the devout, etc…put our lot with them forever,” there is an understanding of a relationship between a tzaddik and one who is connected with him. Artscroll explains this by citing Shiras David, which explains it like this:

If a person is fortunate to be attached to a Torah scholar or a tzaddik, then he will also be fortunate enough to be attached to him in the Olam Haba—the World to Come (my paraphrase).

When we attach ourselves to the righteous Mashiach—Yeshua Minatzerat—we merit intimacy with the Mashiach not only in the Olam Hazeh , but in the Olam Haba as well.

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  1. To give like Yeshua gave, to love like he loves, to live a life of sacrifice is my preyar for my life to do His will only. This blog is a good reminder of what He has called us to do WITH Him. I particularly like the statement He only asks us to do the things we are perfectly fitted to do by his grace!

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