My Son’s Health (Follow Up)

I have intended on posting this for several days, but haven’t been able to find the time…

A little over a month ago I posted a note about my eldest son (age seven) who has been suffering for the last two years with breathing difficulties. I had rejoiced that he had actually made it through one night without having to use his inhaler (although he ended up having to use it the next morning). After that he fell back into the same pattern of having to use it at least once a night and sometimes during the day. We were finally able to get into the allergy / asthma clinic and he was finally able to get some relief.

He appears to have severe asthma, complicated by severe allergies. They did a prick test (where they put all of the different allergens on your back) and out of the 45 items for which he was tested, he was allergic to 33 of them. They prescribed 5 different medications in an attempt to get his breathing and bronchial inflammation/spasms under control and want to see him again next month (at which time he will also see a respiratory therapist). We have been giving him only three of the prescriptions, and only half the dosage of the main one (an inhaled steroid – yuk).

This past Monday night marked one full week that he has been able to go without his inhaler. Not during the night, not after playing hard out in the yard, not at all. It has been a night and day experience, for which we are very thankful to our Heavenly Father. Although we are not excited about the medications he is taking, we are very thankful for the results. We will be looking into alternative methods of keeping this under control long term, but for now, this is a quick fix that is working amazingly well.

Thank you, again, for your prayers! I can’t wait until we reach the one month mark, rather than just the one week mark! Please continue to keep him in your prayers for complete healing, and us for wisdom. Baruch Hashem for His blessings, and for friends like you.


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