FREE DOWNLOAD: Passover Place Mats & Coloring Sheets

Place Mat Front

Place Mat Back

Better late than never. I have created some place mats / coloring sheet / activity sheet for Passover and thought I would share them with you. They are formatted to print front and back on 11×17 tabloid paper (the size of 2 sheets of paper side-by-side). It contains something for both older and younger children. It has a Word Search, a Maze, a Cryptogram and a whole page to color (the seder plate and flowers & butterflies to represent Springtime). I hope you enjoy! Be sure to spread the word, since we don’t have a lot of time. Be sure to Tweet this post or link to it on Facebook.

Chag Sameach! I pray you have a joyous Passover!



Download Placemat Front

Download Placemat Back

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8 thoughts on “FREE DOWNLOAD: Passover Place Mats & Coloring Sheets”

  1. “Help Moses find the Matzah”
    haha – that’s awesome.

    Thanks for putting this together!
    I have some maror for you, by the way.

    Darren Reply:

    maror! I almost forgot! thank you!

  2. I almost forgot to thank you for these great downloads, Darren. They were a big hit with the kids! Thanks so much!

    Darren Reply:

    My pleasure! Glad they came in handy! Thanks for writing!

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  4. I gave my class the Passover Word search, maze and Cryptogram but we can not figure out the cryptogram code.
    Thanks in advance

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