Counting the Omer Calendar 2015 + Stickers

Counting-the-Omer-2015 Omer-stickers

Passover has come and gone! Therefore Shavuot is in hot pursuit! Sorry this post is so late! We’ve had a crazy few weeks these last weeks.

Here is a free activity download for 2015 to help your family both remember to count the omer between Passover/Pesach and Pentecost/Shavuot, as well as make it fun (see link below). I’ve created a calendar sheet and cut-n-paste “stickers” (bring your own glue stick -or- print to some crack-n-peel) to count the omer all the way to Shavuot.

Feel free to download these, print them out and use them for your family. Be sure to “Like” this page or post this link to your Facebook page as well as Tweet it to your friends so they will be able to enjoy it as well. Chag Sameach! Enjoy!

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