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Israel Warzone Updates

For the best day-by-day mapping of attacks and counter-attacks that I’ve found, check out the coverage by the Washington Post. They update it every day, and show all of the attack locations and related headlines. You can also select the day that you wish to see displayed. They have every day mapped out from July …

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Weak-Kneed Lebanese

Reports keep coming in like this one: Lebanese leaders continue to call upon the international community to halt the Israeli military operation, turning to the United Nations, the European Union and the Vatican to apply pressure on Jerusalem. For some reason, the Lebanese can’t figure out why the Israelis are bombing the heck out of …

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Prayer Support Needed

( Rabbis continue to call on Jews around the world to recite prayers and Psalms due to the ongoing warfare on Israel’s northern and southern borders, as well as for the safe return of captive soldiers. Special mention is made to recite Psalms 13, 70, 125, and 128. Please increase your support of Israel through …

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