I Am Thankful

Yes, it is Thanksgiving Day, 2011, and I am writing about all of the many things about which I have to be thankful. However, I am writing this is not because it is Thanksgiving Day, but because as I have been studying mussar. Hashem has been dealing with me in the area of gratitude, and …

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What’s Stopping You?

One of this week’s mussar teachings from A Daily Dose of Torah (ADDT) references arguments & techniques of the yetzer hara (our “evil inclination” – or as Paul would say, our “flesh”) which keep us from achieving our potential. It summarizes it as follows: The arguments and persuasive techniques of the yetzer hara are presented …

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I want it all…Now!

Recently, I’ve been reading an teaching from Rabbi Joseph Telushkin’s book, A Code of Jewish Ethics (Volume 1) and came across a quote that says it all: “A person wants to become a scholar and a leader overnight, and to sleep that night as well.” Rabbi Yaizel of Navorodock